Georgian College Programs

Culinary Program

Your culinary path at Georgian College deserves the best uniform. Embrace attire that speaks professionalism, ensures safety, and maintains hygiene. With durable, comfortable materials and the iconic college emblem, we provide everything you need for a successful culinary journey—backed by a seamless shopping experience.

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Baking Program

Crafting the future of Georgian College's aspiring bakers and pastry chefs, our uniform package from Clement Designs combines style with functionality. Tailored to endure the bake lab's challenges while showcasing culinary professionalism, the heat-resistant, comfortable attire includes a chef's jacket, practical pant, bib aprons, a chef's hat, and side towels for a complete professional ensemble. This set embodies the Baking and Pastry Arts program's spirit, preparing students to excel from basic techniques to contemporary baking innovations.

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Hospitality Program

Official uniform supplier for Georgian College's Hospitality Program, our attire reflects the program's excellence and professionalism. Our elegant, functional uniforms are crafted for the dynamic hospitality industry, ensuring students present a polished image. Easy to order and built to last, we empower students to transition seamlessly from classroom to real-world professionalism.

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Flight Services Program

Elevating Georgian College's Flight Services Program, our uniforms blend the aviation industry's elegance with practicality, tailored for aspiring flight attendants. Designed for durability and comfort on long flights, they embody professionalism and commitment to excellence. With a streamlined purchase process, we ensure students are perfectly equipped to excel in customer service and safety, ready to take their careers to new heights.

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  • Nursing Program

    Supporting Georgian College's Nursing Program, our uniforms cater to the nursing profession's compassionate and demanding nature. Crafted for comfort, durability, and mobility, they meet the program's rigorous standards for hygiene and practicality, essential for healthcare's fast pace. Signifying dedication, our attire prepares students for all aspects of their nursing education with a seamless acquisition process, ensuring they're professionally equipped for their healthcare journey.

    Nursing Uniforms 
  • Esthetic Program

    Elevating the Esthetic Program at Georgian College, our uniforms merge functionality with the spa and beauty industry's serene aesthetic, tailored for esthetic students. Made from premium, comfortable materials, they ensure flexibility for all esthetic services. With a streamlined purchasing process, we guarantee uniforms that uphold program standards and enrich both learning and client experiences.

    Esthetic Uniforms 
  • Oral Health Programs

    Tailoring success for Georgian College's Oral Health Program, our uniforms meet the exacting demands of dental professionals. Designed for Dental Hygienist, Dental Assistant, and Denturist specialties, they emphasize hygiene, functionality, and comfort. Crafted from durable materials for a professional look with the college emblem, our uniforms signify a commitment to excellence in oral health. An easy purchasing process outfits students across all specialties, promoting unity and professionalism as they advance toward impactful dental care careers.

    Dental Uniforms 

Basic Baking & Pastry Skills

Equipping Georgian College's future bakers, our uniforms merge practicality with professionalism, tailored for the Dual Credit Baking Program's unique needs. Designed for durability, safety, and comfort, they feature the college's emblem, symbolizing a superior education. Our streamlined process simplifies school board purchases, ensuring students are ready for any baking challenge.

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