Georgian Flight Services Program

Congratulations on your acceptance to the Georgian Flight Services Program!

Your next step is to get prepared for class by purchasing your uniform package.

In order to guarantee you will have your uniform for the start of class, we recommend you pre-order your uniform before the semester begins.

Your uniform package includes:

Option A - Package Option B - Package
1 x Dress Pant 1 x Dress Pant
1 x Long Sleeve Oxford Shirt 1 x Long Sleeve Oxford Shirt
1 x Blazer 1 x Blazer
1 x Scarf 1 x Necktie
$483* incl. taxes
*plus sizes extra

Once you submit your order we will contact you for payment information.

Please fill out the form with the first and last name of the student.

You are strongly encouraged to get fitted at the store to ensure proper sizing.

Packages are FINAL SALE and cannot be returned or exchanged.